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Transform Your Supply Chain with Agile, Composable Turnkey Solutions.

Built on a unified cloud-native infrastructure, we empower you to elevate business partner collaborations, while providing AI-driven intelligence across the entire supply chain ecosystem.

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For a more agile and resilient supply chain,

unify these three strategic advantages.

seamless connectivity

Digital Connectivity.

A majority of supply chain executives recognize and admit integration hinders their ability to transform their organization digitally. How mature is your digital connectivity infrastructure?

Better Visibility


Nearly half of the major organizations note their lack of ability to see necessary transactions in near real time in order to react effectively. How are you addressing your operational and strategic visibility?

Improved Transparency

Decision Intelligence.

Leading organizations are already applying AI and ML to drive change in a way their supply chains are integrated and executed. Are you taking advantage of your data to implement decision intelligence?

Discover the collective power of our
innovative supply chain platform.

Our composible platform connects data across enterprise applications and partner ecosystems, empowering you to achieve visibility goals, collaborate with business partners, and optimize your supply chain efficiencies. It’s an approach unlike any other. And it’s just what you need to future-proof your B2B enterprise.


A new way to link your business ecosystem.

PartnerLinQ Platform

The PartnerLinQ platform offers seamless connections across various domains. From legacy systems to modern platforms, we integrate your enterprise applications, channels, customers, third-party services, and business partners. It enables holistic connectivity for optimized operations and enhanced collaboration throughout your business ecosystem.

Our platform integration is effortless, and visibility is comprehensive. It all starts by leveraging a vast network of businesses, industry-standard transactional maps, and robust integration adapters. The result? Seamless connectivity across all enterprise applications. Whether handling EDI, APIs, events, or complex application integrations and high-data-load batch processing, PartnerLinQ’s hybrid engine simplifies the creation of advanced solutions. Best of all, they’re tailored to your business needs.

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Get real-time visibility
for operational

PartnerLinQ Platform

To gain full end-to-end visibility, you need to adopt a customer and partner-centric approach to supply chain management. With our smart visibility solutions, you’re empowered to achieve operational excellence and mitigate risks.

By leveraging industry-standard data models, AI, and knowledge graphs, our platform gives you the full picture—in real time. So you get a comprehensive view of your data and its semantic connections across all stages of business processes. It’s a business-focused approach that ensures timely insights for enhancing your operations, customer service, as well as customer and supplier experiences.

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Quickly access insights

for optimization and planning.

PartnerLinQ Platform

Our platform solutions are designed to offer a transformative path. One that takes conventional data management to a future where data-driven intelligence meticulously monitors every process. Our business process-specific grid of control towers and intelligent monitoring data applications deliver the insights for decision-making tools you need for success. The unexpected is detected. The downstream impact is forecasted. And you’re informed of the planned execution.

With our agile/low-code and composable approach, you can create control towers and intelligence apps that monitor, prescribe insights, and automate decisions. These apps leverage AI and ML capabilities to provide visibility and actionable insights.

Seamlessly integrating internal and external data sources, our platform enables autonomous operation. That way you can make informed decisions in real-time. Our control towers and intelligence apps can ensure agility and responsiveness to your evolving business needs thanks to continuous optimization through feedback loops.

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Deliver value at the speed of business.

Faster Partner Onboarding:

> 30% – 500%

Faster Solution Implementation:

> 25% – 50%

Reduce Transaction Failure:

< 1% 

Analyst Recognition

Recognized in Market Guide for leading Multi-enterprise Supply Chain Networks (MCN).
Recognized in the Retail Planning Platforms Landscape.
Recognized as a Major Player in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Multi-Enterprise Supply Chain Commerce Network 2023 Vendor Assessment.
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Trusted by the world’s leading brands.

Hear what our customers have to say

Logistics Plus

Emile Zafirov

Chief Information Officer at Logistics Plus

“Integrations are not a state; they are a process. There’s always a chance that something unexpected will come through an integration, or an exception will happen. And the ability to react quickly to identify what happened and to fix it is key. That’s what we like about PartnerLinQ.”

Logistics Plus
North Bay Distribution

Steve Christiansen

EVP, North Bay Distribution

“Some of our clients use different EDI file types. PartnerLinQ has helped us make integration possible so we’re communicating seamlessly. The value proposition of PartnerLinQ to North Bay is immense. We’re able to focus on our clients, ship their product to their customers, and not worry about the software.”

Werner Enterprises

Mike Ball

Vice President of IT, Werner Enterprise

“Werner Enterprises deployed PartnerLinQ’s Azure-native integrated connectivity platform, replacing multiple client-server and mainframe-based EDI systems with a modern cloud-based B2B/EDI platform. The new cloud-based platform delivered integrated connectivity, allowing the system to scale with full visibility and control, thereby enabling the company’s ‘Cloud First, Cloud Now’ strategy.”

Y. Hata

Dean Penebacker

Information Technology Director, Y. Hata & Co., Limited

“As our brand continues to rapidly increase in scale, more partners and more channels means more systems and platforms to link up with. PartnerLinQ has made integrating our systems a lot easier. Thanks to the solution, we can get down to doing what we do best – get our products out to market fast, just as our customers want it to be.”

Concepts in Technology

David Ryan

Founder of Concepts In Technology

“PartnerLinQ team’s focus is singular which enables us to solve our customer’s supply chain challenges. We are happy to share what our customers have to say about PartnerlinQ and the value it brings to their organization.”

Industry Case Studies

Y. Hata Leverages PartnerLinQ for Supply Chain Transformation

Y. Hata, Hawaii’s premier food distributor since 1913, leveraged PartnerLinQ to transform its supply chain. The platform enhanced transparency, facilitated complex transactions, and optimized logistics—improving decision-making and customer satisfaction.

ITO EN Adopts an Integrated B2B API and EDI Platform for Sustainable Growth

ITO EN is a multinational beverage company that specializes in green tea and is the largest green tea distributor in Japan. Established in 1966, the company markets packaged and ready-to-drink tea products, focusing on the distribution and sales of its products.

North Bay Optimizes EDI & B2B Management with PartnerLinQ

With over 40 years in warehousing, North Bay Distribution adopted PartnerLinQ to streamline EDI and B2B management amidst rapid growth. The solution enhanced vendor onboarding, integrates with eCommerce, and optimized client’s operations.

Harnessing Hybrid Integration Strategies to Navigate the Complexities of Modern Supply Chains.

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PartnerLinQ Supply Chain Consulting Services for Guarenteed Results

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  • Mapping and Onboarding Services
  • Supply Chain Automation & Innovation
  • Supply Chain Al Consulting
  • Global Support Services
  • Program Management
  • B2B White Glove Services
  • Customer Training & Enablement Services

Future-proof your supply chain with PartnerLinQ.

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the right digital strategy is mission critical. Don’t risk losing customers, market share, and revenue to competitors investing in their digital strategies. Tap into a more resilient supply chain so your customers can withstand supply chain disruptions. You’ll achieve your visibility goals, collaborate with business partners, and make critical decisions with informed intelligence.

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