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Leverage cutting-edge integration and flexible connectivity for rapid and resilient transportation messaging across your network.

Versatility and Visibility delivered to your TMS

PartnerLinQ seamlessly integrates with both legacy and cloud-based TMS, WMS, and ERP systems and without additional licensing. Whether your business needs include warehousing, freight forwarding, 3PL or reverse logistic, our next-generation integration platform is purpose built for next-generation logistics and transportation management teams. PartnerLinQ’s exclusive Common Processing Workflow and prebuilt integrations makes for Easy Partner Onboarding helping to reduce friction and scale quickly. Seamless integration is key for bringing up new clients quickly, PartnerLinQ delivers in this competitive and complex market right where.

Kick it into Overdrive with PartnerLinQ

PartnerLinQ delivers a fully integrated EDI and API power platform that converts your transaction overhead into a competitive advantage. Our transportation management system (TMS) enabled adaptive supply chain technology delivers visibility, traceability, & delivery information to your customers from your partners and/or your enterprise. Enjoy a flexible and connected transportation network, your network PartnerLinQ’s inclusive set of features and capabilities ensures your organization can:
  • Handle your transport operations on a global scale with ease by confirming shipment orders in real time providing instant acceptance to partners and third parties.
  • Gain complete access and control to the most recognizable brand name transportation management system (TMS) in a platform that delivers “integration without complication”
  • Process millions of transactions per day within an infinitely scalable cloud-hosted platform capable of managing incredibly large workloads and with ease
  • Connect with multiple systems with dozens of workflow scenarios and link with hundreds of carriers with out-of-the-box easily configured transactions and connections.
  • Do it yourself or create new connections with the assistance of one of our service agents – Its completely up to you!

Case Studies and Success Stories

The Benefit of PartnerLinQ with your TMS

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Improved Visibility

Information at your fingertips for every step of the shipment journey with full data access, built in archiving, and robust analytics, reporting and monitoring tools while simultaneously delivering an incredible level of detail to your transportation management system (TMS) ‘We make it easy’ … ‘We keep it simple’ … ‘It’s all in one place’ …

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Reduced Errors

Convert your manual process into electronic transactions, remove antiquated systems and manual efforts and experience a reduction of errors. Remove Human Intervention, eliminates endless web searches, phone calls & email. Reduce costs with process automation and integration into your transportation management system (TMS) come and join the Supply Chain Revolution.

Optimization of resources PartnerLinQ

Integrated Execution

PartnerLinQ integrates and extends your existing infrastructure including your transportation management systems with our business process accelerators accommodating load tenders, responses, warehouse shipment orders, acceptances and statuses, any and all relationships with your customers

Product consistency and quality management PartnerLinQ

Scalability and Speed

Eliminate the complexity of today’s global supply chain network with a purpose built transaction enablement and integration platform for your transportation management system (TMS) completely configured, ready for rapid deployment and efficient trading partner onboarding.

Regulatory Compliance PartnerLinQ

Accept Load Tenders Instantly

Imagine the ability to accept shipment orders automatically, seamlessly responding, accurately reflecting agreements in place and in a timely manner. Imagine the possibilities with business rules, a business rules engine and onboard alerting, imagine automation delivered with your integration and included.

Customer Safety and Satisfaction

Fulfill Warehouse Shipment Orders Accurately

Real-time tracking and full supply chain visibility delivered with unmatched scalability and speed PartnerLinQ includes communications channels such as AS2, FTP, SSH, HTTP(S), SMTP, POP3, SOAP, and a VAN connections right out of the box and just a few of the business process solutions incorporated into this TMS enabled platform powerhouse.

Faster Time To Value

Increase speed of value delivery to customers and partners across the value chain using pre-defined business rules and process templates.

Multiple Deployment Options

Stay on top of the rapidly evolving needs of today’s business and technology landscape with on-premises as well as cloud deployment options.

Turn the Innovation Flywheel with a Strong Partner Ecosystem

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