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Accelerate success with greater partner collaboration and end-to-end connectivity for maximum opportunity in your general merchandise supply chain network

Build a Unified General Merchandise Supply Chain Network

A successful general merchandise supply chain network depends more than ever on greater partner collaboration, fewer out of stocks, and better customer retention all of which means providing personalized customer experiences, competitive pricing, and the ability to deliver quickly. Businesses are realizing that a robust merchandizing system and smarter holistic supply chain with improved visibility and connectivity will help them achieve a customer-centric more efficient operation.

Drive a Connectivity-Driven Supply Chain Network

Adapting to changing customer preferences requires being proactive, agile, and innovative. Modern, solutions offer end-to-end connectivity, increased visibility and transparency and are designed to achieve goals, yours and that of your partners. PartnerLINQ is a complete EDI, B2B, and API solution for seamless partner communication, and serves as the perfect platform for todays business

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Elevate Your General Merchandise Business with PartnerLinQ

The contrast between manual data entry and an integrated solution such as PartnerLinQ is devastatingly clear. Partner-to-partner communication in a manual world involves paper and people which leads to errors and slow processing speeds and while traditional digital communications greatly reduce friction ONLY PartnerLinQ streamlines the whole process by ensuring that documents automatically routed securely flowing straight into the receiver’s system for immediate processing dramatically reducing turnaround time. While manually the buyer has to print, fax, perhaps call and confirm the order manually, taking in some cases many steps by contrast PartnerLinQ has but a single process flow, achieving all of the aforementioned steps automatically. PartnerLinQ provides a complete solution for all of your partner-to-partner communication whether B2B, B2C, EDI, non-EDI, XML, API, and even custom formats, and with all of your upstream and downstream partners and channels.

Manual partner-to-partner communication involves a lot of paper and people, which leads to slow and error-prone processing. While traditional digital communications greatly reduce the friction, PartnerLinQ streamlines the whole process by ensuring that documents automatically and securely flow straight to the receiver’s system for immediate processing, dramatically reducing the turnaround time. PartnerLinQ does not just provide EDI for your communication; it provides a complete solution that is required to connect you to your upstream and downstream channels.

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Enhanced Flexibility

Easy customization, user configurable modular software that meets the needs of merchandise management systems.

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Seamless EDI Integration

Complete integration with popular MRP, ERP, TMS and WMS systems ensuring a seamless flow of data into your merchandise management, analytics, and reporting, systems.

Optimization of resources PartnerLinQ

Digital Agility

Complete transparency providing valuable insight into communications and transactions from your partners while providing error free message routing with business rules and alerting for proactive responses to changing market trends, customer preferences, and demand.

Product consistency and quality management PartnerLinQ

Healthier Relationships

Efficient and error free bi-directional communication with trading partners improving relationships and delivering on expectations, at last, an integration platform that combines your multi-channel B2B, B2C, EDI and no EDI transactions for improved performance and monitoring eliminating, multiple transformation tools, duplicative processes and the need for multiple teams.

Real-Time Visibility

See your supply chain network as never before and achieve greater operational transparency with PartnerLinQs END to END Supply Chain Visibility. Tools such as Transaction and Error Analytics are included with PartnerLinQ ensuring that trending errors are quickly identified and remediated.

Customer Safety and Satisfaction

Increase Modernization

Audits & Audit History are completely ‘Built in’ and best of all with PartnerLINQ, no separate back up is ever required – roll back instantly with one click whether DEV to DEV, PROD to PROD, and even DEV to PROD…they’re all available and all on one screen, we make it easy!

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