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PartnerLinQ’s B2B API & EDI solution redefines visibility paving the way for efficiency and enhanced collaboration, connectivity, transparency, alerting, and reporting.

EDI Solution PartnerLinQ

Increased Efficiency

Our EDI Solution automates the process of exchanging business transactions reducing the time and resources required by manual entry virtually eliminates errors due to human intevention

Elevated Accuracy - PartnerLinQ

Elevated Accuracy

PartherLinQs B2B API and EDI solution ensures accuracy in the exchange of data through a common processing workflow, canonical data modelling, an advanced business rules engine with built-in alerting and secure transmissions including AS2

Enhanced Visibility with PartnerLinQ

Enhanced Visibility

Our EDI Solution includes advanced configuration and monitoring studios ensuring a view of active supply chains in real-time – delivering real value and easy to read information in human readable format so clients can make informed decisions.

PartnerLinQ Instant Response

Responds Instantly

PartnerLinQ responds quickly and efficiently to configuration requests by providing easy to use tools that deliver a vastly improved user experience in a single pane of glass. there nothing else like it in the B2B API/EDI market

Why PartnerLinQ?

PartnerLinQ is digital agility by design – We make it easy… We keep it simple…and it’s all in one place and it’s the technology of tomorrow …available today while many market solutions lack flexibility. It was created with you in mind. It is flexible so you can enable the connections that you need without worrying about carrying costs, you only pay for the transactions that matter with PartnerLinQ.

EDI Solution PartnerLinQ

Performance at a Glance

PartnerLink is designed with users in mind. With its intuitive interface and easy to understand set up, the workflow begins with a centralized B2B communication system, transformation engine, common processing workflow, business rule management, setup and configuration

PartnerLinQ's Capabilities


PartnerLinQ is a landed product that comes complete with implementation, transportation layer, rulesets, scheduling, mapping, alert, and alert management.  Nothing is left to chance. Our EDI Solution has all the tools needed to grow and improve your EDI practice on day one, including; API Layers and an ERP Integration Framework that leverages our own Micro Services or the services of your choice

EDI Solution PartnerLinQ


PartnerLinQ adapts to the way you work and connects with your ERP, MRP, CRM, WMS, CMS, or TM.  It’s ERP integration Framework and Micro Services retrieves trading partner and cross reference information directly from your ERP and manages them in its unique Cache & Cross Reference Engine – creating the partnership and adding the integration transport layer, rulesets, scheduling, and lastly reusable mapping for EDI, XML or flat file.  The intuitive design of

PartnerLinQ makes everything easy

Supply Chain Scalability PartnerLinQ


PartnerLinQ is scalable and available for any B2B API & EDI challenge. It is a cloud-native, multi-tenant, multi-geography B2B API & EDI hyper-scalable high SaaS performance platform that comes with more than 100 prebuilt API & EDI integrations and 323 preconfigured transactions across dozens of international standards  

Edi Solutions PartnerLinQ


Our EDI Solution works with world’s most recognized brands and leading vertically integrated producers, marketers, and distributors; and puts them in complete control of their B2B API & EDI supply chains – delivering end-to-end visibility, limitless flexibility, connectivity & control

EDI Solution PartnerLinQ


PartnerLinQ’s flexible and customized professional support services leave nothing to chance. Beginning with 2 weeks of Hypercare post-deployment support, included at no additional charge. It streamlines your platform delivery needs into a transitional process for your team or for EDI managed services

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Over the years, PartnerLinQ has established strong partnerships with industry-leading players.
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