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Transform the way information flows across your manufacturing supply chain network to enable agility and rapid time-to-market

Build a Resilient Manufacturing Supply Chain Network

Manufacturers are entering a new era full of smarter supply chains. They are developing ever-more efficient means of production, extending supply chains and accelerating innovation in record speed. Industry leaders and Manufacturing Resource Planning systems (MRP) are connected today with technologies and partners to continually transform operations, improve customer service, and secure a competitive advantage.

Take a Strategic Approach to Manufacturing & Industry

PartnerLinQ is incredibly well suited as a unified connectivity solution for efficient manufacturing and supply chain management providing seamless integration with both legacy and cloud-hosted enterprise systems, PartnerLinQ has been well received in the market and is quickly becoming a requirement for next-generation digital partner ecosystems. PartnerLinQ delivers limitless agility and business flow visibility to provide streamlined connectivity across multiple manufacturing locations and processes offering manufacturers a level of end-to-end transparency never before presented and in one platform. We make it easy… We keep it simple…and it’s all in one place 

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Elevate your Manufacturing business with PartnerLinQ

Manual partner-to-partner communication involves a lot of paper and people leading to slow and error-prone processing. While traditional digital communications reduce the friction only PartnerLinQ streamlines the end-to-end process by ensuring that document process flows work automatically, process securely and immediately, dramatically reduce turnaround while improving visibility. PartnerLinQ provides a complete B2B B2C solution connecting you with both upstream and downstream partners.

Manual partner-to-partner communication involves a lot of paper and people, which leads to slow and error-prone processing. While traditional digital communications greatly reduce the friction, PartnerLinQ streamlines the whole process by ensuring that documents automatically and securely flow straight to the receiver’s system for immediate processing, dramatically reducing the turnaround time. PartnerLinQ does not just provide EDI for your communication; it provides a complete solution that is required to connect you to your upstream and downstream channels.

Benefits of PartnerLinQ

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Eliminates Delays

Reduce risk and stay on schedule with end-to-end supply chain connectivity, visibility, and reporting.

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Streamlined Data Access

Make critical manufacturing inventories available to your partners and suppliers using pre-built integration and templates with standardized mapping and business rules. PartnerLinQ even includes AS2 & SFTP to deliver these transactions with ease. Set up new partners within hours not weeks.

Customer Safety and Satisfaction

Enhanced Efficiency

Upgrade your critical infrastructure to cloud native and vastly increase infrastructure speed. Minimize downtime and maximize efficiency by optimizing effectiveness. Manage large volume throughput with predictable costs with included AS2, FTP, and SFTP connections

Regulatory Compliance PartnerLinQ

Bridge IT and Challenges

Streamline processes and systems, convert manual process into electronic transactions, create alerts and transform how people, processes, and technology work together in this new normal.

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Improves Velocity & Reduces Risk

Improve implementation speed with standard connections, seamlessly integration, built in templates and support. Incorporate previously siloed legacy and brownfield systems with technology available today and built for tomorrow.

Quality Control

Stay on top of performance with built in reporting, analytics, alerting and KPIs. Create your own KPIs and incorporate Track & Trace or robust quality control for manufacturing with test results for satisfying the requirements of a product or process; they’re built in with PartnerLinQ

Multiple Deployment Options

Stay on top of the rapidly evolving needs of today’s business and technology landscape with on-premises as well as cloud deployment options.

Product consistency and quality management PartnerLinQ

Decrease Implementation Risks

Avoid manufacturing out of stock condions, reduce risk and stay on schedule with end-to-end supply chain connectivity, visibility, and reporting.

Turn the Innovation Flywheel with a Strong Partner Ecosystem

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