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The Road from Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 with Modern EDI

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Managing an organization is a constant juggling act across finance, sales, operations, HR, and other departments. ERP systems help keep important business data in one place, ensuring it’s safe, organized, and accessible.

Time is Running Out for Businesses that Still Use Dynamics AX

Dynamics AX is a legacy ERP solution that was offered by Microsoft for mid-sized to large organizations beginning in 2008. Mainstream support for Dynamics AX 2009, 2012, and 2012 R2 ended in 2018, while mainstream support for Dynamics AX 2012 R3 will end in 2021.

Beyond October 2021 Microsoft will no longer accept support tickets or release feature updates. And once extended support ends in 2023, Microsoft will no longer release bug fixes or security patches! In this scenario, upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics 365 appears to be the best course of action for businesses that still use Dynamics AX.

How does such a change affect supply chain connectivity for your organization? Continue reading to find out how Dynamics 365 stands in comparison to Dynamics AX, and how PartnerLinQ can help your organization avoid business disruption as you transition to a modern ERP platform.

Key Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365

As a cloud-based platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a simpler way to access your information anywhere, from any device. With an on-premises Dynamics AX, providing global access to business information wasn’t as straightforward.

For example, users situated thousands of miles from your Dynamics AX datacenter could experience performance issues. Dynamics 365 is hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud datacenters across the globe and isn’t affected by large distances or disparate workgroups accessing the same system.

PartnerLinQ and Microsoft Dynamics

PartnerLinQ is a robust, scalable, and complete EDI integration solution that bridges the gap between modern and traditional EDI. As a fully managed cloud solution, it operates seamlessly with Dynamics 365 to consolidate data from disparate endpoints, perform data validation, and provide error alerts in a single management console.

PartnerLinQ provides flexible, secure, and cost-effective data interchange, freeing businesses from legacy systems that suffer from multiple limitations. It also allows you to connect with multiple ERP systems right out of the box; so while transitioning from Dynamics AX to Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can connect with both during the transition.

With native support for multiple AS2, VAN, and direct-to-partner data formats and standards, prebuilt API connectivity with leading ecommerce providers, and an extensive business rule library, PartnerLinQ can reduce your partner onboarding time by as much as 75%.  It can be deployed as an on-premises or SaaS cloud solution depending on your operations, current ERP platform, and business requirements.

Working with Microsoft Dynamics, PartnerLinQ provides a single, real-time view of transaction volume, errors, and other statistics for all inbound and outbound transactions. These real-time analytics help your organization identify issues, pinpoint their root cause, and prevent chargebacks that can severely impact operating margins.

PartnerLinQ makes it easy to drill down and view details for a specific trading partner or transaction error and make corrections. It also allows users to generate custom reports using a wide range of metrics and performance indicators.

Should I Migrate from Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 to Use PartnerLinQ?

While upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a smart digital investment for most businesses, upgrades can take several months. But you can benefit from PartnerLinQ while you’re still using Dynamics AX.

For businesses that use either Dynamics 365 or Dynamics AX, PartnerLinQ works out of the box in most EDI integration scenarios. It can integrate simultaneously with both versions, which helps ensure continuity of EDI operations during an upgrade of your ERP system. Since you can use a single PartnerLinQ license with both Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 at the same time, you don’t have to worry about licensing when you upgrade.

So you need not wait until after your ERP upgrade to address your supply chain connectivity needs. Start using PartnerLinQ today and then migrate to Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our solution helps you transition to your new platform seamlessly.


Many organizations across retail, ecommerce, wholesale, distribution, and other industries are already using PartnerLinQ, which has become a cornerstone for many operations across their modern B2B architecture. Whether you’ve already upgraded or are just beginning your transition planning, there’s no need to wait. Enhance your global partner communication capabilities today with PartnerLinQ. Get in touch with our experts to begin your journey.

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