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Scalable and centralized end-to-end EDI transaction management

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Traditional EDI platforms have multiple limitations. Partner onboarding can be time-consuming and frustrating, and communicating with partners that don’t use EDI requires expensive, difficult-to-maintain customization. Complicated error tracking, poor transaction visibility, and vendor rule management lead to expensive chargebacks that can severely impact your margins.

PartnerLinQ simplifies partner onboarding by supporting business rule-based transactions with businesses with existing EDI setups as well as non-EDI businesses. Its advanced business rule engine and extensive pre-configured business rule library make it easy to configure, save, and reuse business rules for multiple partner organizations and EDI scenarios.

PartnerLinQ can be configured to generate alerts that are triggered when specific conditions are met, and can be used to quickly identify EDI bottlenecks or errors. These notifications are a critical component of PartnerLinQ’s error handling functionality and can help reduce business costs by preventing chargebacks and low transaction throughput.

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