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PartnerLinQ on Google Cloud Platform: Unleash the Full Potential of Your Business

Built on top of multiple Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services, PartnerLinQ is a powerful and scalable application designed to meet your specific business requirements. Leveraging services such as Cloud IAM, Cloud Functions, Cloud SQL, Cloud Storage, Kubernetes Engine, Monitoring, Logging, MongoDB, Pub/Sub, and Cloud Scheduler, we deliver a high-performance solution that empowers your business.

Key Capabilities

Seamless Integration for File Management

PartnerLinQ supports both EDI and Non-EDI file types, ensuring smooth integration and management regardless of your file format requirements. Say goodbye to file-type issues and focus on your business operations while we handle the complexities behind the scenes.

Advanced Features for Modern Businesses

Our application offers advanced features that cater to the evolving data processing needs of modern businesses. Cloud Functions, a significant component of PartnerLinQ, enables us to perform specific tasks tailored to your unique requirements. With this flexibility, you can streamline your data processing workflows with ease.

Flexible Data Source Integration

PartnerLinQ allows you to receive files from a wide range of source locations, including HTTP, Azure Storage, Google Pub/Sub, Google Storage, FTP/SFTP, SQL, Oracle, MQ, AS2, Kafka, Cosmos, Mongo, and many more customizable solutions. These files then go through a series of subsequent manipulation processes, such as data mapping, transformation, validation, and applying business rules. Rest assured that your data will be processed exactly how you need it to be.

Complete Control Over Data Transmission

Once your data is processed, PartnerLinQ empowers you with complete flexibility and control over data transmission. Whether you need to transmit data to internal systems, partner organizations, or cloud-based applications, our application ensures seamless delivery.

Customizable to Your Requirements

Our functions are highly flexible and customizable, adapting to your precise data processing needs. While we handle the intricate data processing tasks, you can focus on what matters most—your business operations.

Reliable and Secure Transmission

At PartnerLinQ we prioritize the security and integrity of your data. Our transmission process is highly reliable and secure, guaranteeing data protection at all times. With us, you can trust that your data will be transmitted securely without any loss or breaches. Leave the worries behind and concentrate on your business, knowing that your data is safe during transmission.

Industry segments


App Engine

It serves as a hosting platform for web applications and APIs such as the Customer Portal App and APIs, Partner Portal App and APIs, and Authorization APIs.


Cloud IAM

This service is utilized for managing permissions for users and service accounts, ensuring proper access control.


Cloud Run

All GCP cloud functions, including HTTP cloud functions and SFTP, are deployed on this platform.


Kubernetes Engine

It is employed for the deployment, management, and scaling of Altova Mapping APIs.


Pub/Sub (Publish/Subscribe)

This service is used in cloud functions to publish or subscribe to messages related to internal objects.


Cloud SQL

Data displayed or retrieved in the customer portal is stored in Cloud SQL. This includes user information, role information, screen permissions, partner information, and process information.

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