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Meet the PartnerLinQ Leadership

Jawad Khan

CEO, Founder

Jawad Khan is the founder and CEO of PartnerLinQ. As the innovative force behind PartnerLinQ, Jawad guides the company in reshaping digital connectivity and collaborative intelligence within the extensive supply chain sector. His leadership philosophy is deeply rooted in ensuring that supply chains are not merely reactive but strategically positioned to respond to perpetual shifts in business demands swiftly and efficiently.

​​Jawad, previously serving as the Executive Vice President at Visionet Systems Inc., played a pivotal role in steering its trajectory, with a keen emphasis on business strategy and growth, operational excellence, talent development, and innovation through comprehensive solutions and services. He continues to influence the firm, now contributing as a President and a Board member. His remarkable expertise has been broadly demonstrated across various industries and roles, ranging from product engineering to practice leadership. Notably, he has collaborated with various global brands, spearheading initiatives in areas such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Material Requirements Planning (MRP), E-commerce, and Data & Analytics.

​​Jawad, holding a degree in Computer Science, brings to his leadership role over two decades of expertise that spans various industrial and technological domains. His multifaceted experience ensures that PartnerLinQ is not merely a participant in the digital landscape but an influential shaper of its future trajectory.​