Deliver Unified Digital Connectivity of the Future with PartnerLinQ and SAP Together!

PartnerLinQ is a comprehensive platform that helps enterprises to deliver unified digital connectivity with their partners, vendors, and customers while leveraging the power of SAP technologies. In today’s complex landscape of multiple systems, including SAP, the exchange of data must be accurate and prompt. That’s where PartnerLinQ shines, providing a robust solution that caters to enterprises of all sizes and industries. With end-to-end connectivity, unmatched visibility, and intelligent decision-making capabilities, PartnerLinQ is your key to unlocking seamless integration.

Key Features

PartnerLinQ Integration

Low- and No-Code Data Capture

PartnerLinQ provides easy-to-use data capture tools that require minimal coding knowledge, allowing users to efficiently collect and input data.

Integrated Planning and Forecasting PartnerLinQ

Integrated Planning and Forecasting

Super-charge the capabilities of your SAP technologies stack by seamlessly integrating planning and forecasting processes into your workflows, enabling more informed decision-making and enhancing operational efficiency.

Frictionless Communication PartnerLinQ

Frictionless Communication

PartnerLinQ facilitates smooth and hassle-free communication for data exchange, streamlining collaboration with partners.

Seamless Integration with Existing Tech Stack

PartnerLinQ effortlessly integrates with your current technology infrastructure, ensuring a seamless transition and avoiding disruptions.

Centralized Content Accessibility

Consolidate all content within the SAP interface, providing easy access to information and eliminating the need to switch between different platforms.

Automated Data Flow into SAP Ecosystem

Automate data flow between PartnerLinQ and SAP, reducing manual effort and improving accuracy and timeliness of data communication.

Why Choose PartnerLinQ with SAP?

Independent Operation

PartnerLinQ operates independently from SAP, allowing both platforms to be configured separately without dependencies or modifications to SAP.

Enhanced Access and Data Exchange

PartnerLinQ’s SAP inclusive model and common processing workflow provide accurate and timely data to secondary systems, cloud storage, and data lakes, enabling improved analytics and forecasts for better business growth and profitability.

Simplified Migration and Multi-System Integration

PartnerLinQ seamlessly converts data between SAP and B2B API & EDI formats, simplifying enterprise migration and facilitating integration with multiple systems.

Multiple Integration Channels

Communicate data with SAP using various integration channels, including Rest API, iDoc, SOAP Services, and over SFTP, ensuring flexibility and compatibility.

The PartnerLinQ Advantage

Easy Deployment

PartnerLinQ is designed for rapid implementation, offering scalability and flexibility for organizations of any size. It can efficiently process thousands of transactions per hour and seamlessly interface with existing EDI investments.

Centralized Management

Monitor EDI performance effortlessly using PartnerLinQ's centralized management console. Quickly identify transaction errors, track progress, and receive alerts for timely error resolution.

Dashboard and Analytics

Gain valuable insights through PartnerLinQ's built-in BI dashboard. Analyze transaction processing time, identify trends, and track critical KPIs to optimize operations and address any delays or issues.

Bringing the Best of Both Worlds: PartnerLinQ and SAP, Powering Effortless Integration!

PartnerLinQ is a cloud-native, multi-tenant, and multi-geographic platform, together with SAP create a powerful integration solution that streamlines data communication, improves collaboration with partners, and enhances overall business performance.

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