PartnerLinQ is all about Resiliency

Navigate Supply Chain Challenges with a resilient global supply chain network.

Why Resiliency Matters

The world is changing, so are its supply chains. PartnerLinQ ensures resiliency which makes it responsive towards operational disruptions and ensures that your business has a contingency plan in place. Furthermore, our solution with its technological proficiency allows your supply chain to be able to forecast and anticipate disruptions.

Adapting to the New World

A resilient supply chain has the ability to persist, adapt, and transform in the face of change. Backed by powerful integrations, our solution is equipped with advanced technology that allows us to forecast disruptions. We leverage data to drive enhanced decision-making that ensures you attain a higher retention rate.


Powerful Integrations

EDI integration with multiple platforms powered by higher agility and velocity.

Improved Retention

Drive-enhanced decision outcomes by anticipating disruptions and improve your retention rate.

Horizontal Solution

Focuses on multiple industries including retail, healthcare, and CPG and consumer lending verticals.

Forecasting Disruptions

Forecast disruptions and navigate towards the best decision for your business.

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