Podcast: Supply Chain Visibility Lessons Learned

2020-21 has accelerated the need for supply chain transformation like never before. While businesses have suffered from disruptions, they have also learned and adapted, and are now looking at ways to be resilient in the long term.

In this podcast, Visionet’s Executive VP Jawad Khan and Senior EDI Strategy Consultant Thomas Smith talk to the MS Dynamics World team about what 2020 taught us and how PartnerLinQ can help organizations mature their supply chain capabilities with visibility, insights, and control.

Tune in as our experts discuss:

  • Changes in supply chain connectivity and the need for modernization
  • Importance of in-depth supply chain visibility
  • Driving an enterprise-wide awareness about the importance of supply chains
  • Evolution of global supply chains in line with customer expectations
  • PartnerLinQ and its capabilities as a unified digital connectivity platform

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